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Offering a wide variety of services focused on the body, mind & spirit with the goal of achieving overall wellness. Our individual services are listed below with each member of our team bringing their own unique style & energy to their field of healing.

Services: Tai Yi Hands on Healing

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Services: Therapeutic Massage (Jill Suffin)

  • Chair Massage +

    Chair massage has the client in a special massage chair for a short and amazingly effective treatment with clothing on and no oil. Chair massage is great for groups or corporate events Read More
  • Deep Tissue +

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  • Neuromuscular Massage +

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  • Pre-Natal Massage +

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  • Cupping Massage +

    Massage cupping is an ancient modality that uses suction cups to create negative pressure for the release of fascia (connective tissue) and muscular tension. It also helps to remove fluid and toxins from the tissue, thus allowing greater blood flow to these areas, and can help loosen adhesions and scar tissue. It is very effective and relaxing, and most people think it feels fantastic. Energy Work (Reiki, Polarity Therapy & Chakra Balancing) The different forms of the energy healing focus on your body's energetic system by opening and moving blocked or stagnant energies. This allows for a deeper level of healing, relaxation, and balance, and often leaves you with a much lighter feeling. It is very gentle, yet very powerful. Read More
  • Couples Massage +

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  • Swedish Massage +

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  • Integrative Massage +

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Services: Massage (Emily Kuderer)

  • Swedish Massage +

    A full body massage that combines long, gliding strokes up the body along with trigger point therapy to break up knots and tight muscles. This is a great option if you are looking for medium (firm) pressure and to simply relax and be pampered after a hard day on the slopes! Read More
  • Deep Tissue Massage +

    This massage is geared for the everyday athlete who is looking for a more therapeutic experience. Combine deep pressure, myofascial release, assisted stretching, and trigger point therapy for the perfect, full body release. This is a great option for avid skiers and riders looking for pain relief after a long day of shredding! Read More
  • Prenatal Massage +

    For the expecting mother-to-be. Depending on how far along on your pregnancy, your massage may include side-lying and extra pillows for support. Always inform your massage therapist of your pregnancy at any phase or trimester. Let us nurture and pamper you as you are carrying life! Read More
  • Thai Yoga Massage +

    Also called "Lazy Man's Yoga", Thai Yoga Massage is ancient bodywork from Thailand that has developed over many centuries. It is a compassionate healing approach to wellness that amazingly fuses different techniques and modalities into its own interactive and highly unique style. Such techniques include: reflexology, acupressure, passive stretching, meditation, and aromatherapy. This massage is very therapeutic for opening and transforming the body, mind, and spirit into a place of relaxation and peace.Thai Yoga Massage helps to:–lengthen muscles through progressive, assisted stretching –increase the joint’s range of motion –bolster immune system health and function –improve circulation –balance flow of energy in the body –relax muscle tension –balance the nervous system and improve nervous system disorders –promote proper functioning of the sinuses, skin, respiratory system, heart, and digestion.Please note that traditional Thai massage is performed on a massage mat on the floor, while the client is wearing comfortable clothes. Read More
  • Integrated Thai Yoga Massage +

    Why choose? Have the best of both worlds! Try an integrated massage that combines the assisted stretching and heat therapy of traditional thai massage with the long, luxuriously pampering western strokes more associated with swedish and deep tissue massage. Read More
  • Private Yoga Instruction +

    Feeling tight after hitting the mountain? Are you interested in learning more about yoga, but intimidated by a large class? What would be more relaxing than enjoying a private yoga class with personal attention? Book a 60 or 75 minute class with Emily (suitable and customized for any ability levels). Read More
  • Partner Massage Workshop +

    Have you ever wondered how to massage your partner effectively? Have you ever grown tired easily while trying to massage your partner? Healing is the most beautiful gift you can share with someone, however, it helps to have an experience professional show you! In this 2.5-3 hour workshop your massage therapist will be alongside the table with you showing you a basic massage sequence over your partner's whole body. This workshop will allow you both to share energy in a more sacred way, open up the lines of communication, and maybe even spice up your love life! This is a great gift for Christmas or Valentine's Day! Read More
  • Add-Ons to Massage Treatments: ($10 per treatment) +

    -Hot Towels: Add 9 hot towels compressed to every inch of your body for looser muscles and increased circulation in the body
    -Aromatherapy: Add a custom essential oil blend to your treatment for relaxing as well as beneficial healing properties.
    -Thai herbal compresses: Ancient thai medicine that uses heated herbal balls to compress and massage the body
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