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Winter Park Wellness Center: FAQ

Common Queries and Questions

Please see below for a list of answers to common questions or uncommon terminology.

  • Why Winter Park Wellness?

    We are the only spa/healing/wellness center that offers such a variety of healing modalities.
  • Why is TaiYi different from other healing modalities?

    Yes it is, TaiYi Energy healing is the only hands on healing technique to have a grid system that directs the energy to certain parts of the body for healing but also the grid then maintains the energy within the body. TaiYi also offers specific treatments for specific issues.
  • Can I get the type of massage I want, such as deep tissue or I just want a relaxing massage.

    YES! ABSOLUTELY. Our massage therapist will talk to you about what kind of massage you are desiring & tailor your massage to what you want.
  • Do I disrobe completely for my massage?

    It is your choice to disrobe to the degree that you are comfortable with. We will accommodate all of your needs.
  • Can massage help with a muscle injury?

    Massage can loosen knots and muscles to aid in relaxing sore muscles and returning them to a healthy state.
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